Leonardo is reading an article about prisoners’ last meals before they are executed.

Leonardo tries to think something smart about the article. He doesn’t know what to think right now.

He reads a list of prisoners’ last meals.

It would feel bad to eat a last meal.

Lots of the prisoners chose cheeseburgers.

Lots of the prisoners chose ice cream.

Lots of the prisoners chose French fries.

A few of them chose ‘okra’. Leonardo doesn’t know what this is.

Most prisoners ordered a lot of food.

One prisoner ordered two dozen scrambled eggs and a bunch of other things.

One prisoner ordered a fried chicken, a fried catfish, onion rings and carrots.

One prisoner’s final meal was ‘Mexican lunch’.

One prisoner just had a pack of Jolly Ranchers.

One prisoner just had a jar of pickles.

One prisoner wasn’t allowed bubble gum.

One prisoner just had yogurt.

Some prisoners just had a Coke.

Some prisoners just had fruit.

Some prisoners declined a final meal.

Leonardo finishes reading the article and feels stupid and quiet and the wrong way round.

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